There is no religion higher than truth FOOD! We propose a religion that worships food. Kitchen is church, mothers are ministers. There is mass at a minimum of 3 services every day. Baptism by BACON!

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Revisiting a grave only to find out the body beneath carved itself out of his casket and into this world. Now walking among us
passing between our realm and the next,
looking for rest. 

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Quote by Roberlan Borges.

Travel Kit
I’ve moved!
Time to finally flush it all down

This has been a great outlet for me. I remember how I made this to become a hiding place. A place where I could just drop my metaphorical pants and shit out my sentiment.

A room for meditation, comfort, release. But you just can’t sit at the toilet for too long. And it’s high time to wipe my ass, flush my shit, and move on. 

Thanks yo! Catch you all in the real world!

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Ultimate Battle!